What we do

Our Services

Below are some of the services we can provide.

  • SSHERQ related training and development
  • SSHERQ auditing
  • Design and compilation of workplace health and safety plans and/or policies
  • Design and compilation of workplace health & safety rules and systems
  • Design & compilation of environmental management plans
  • Design & compilation of health & safety specifications
  • Conducting risk assessments and designing risk management plans
  • Conducting pre-employment health and safety assessments
  • Compilation of Risk Assessments
  • Compilation of Safety Files
  • Managing asbestos products and their disposal
  • Development & training of safety representatives & staff on accredited courses
  • Supply and assistance in choice of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing, and Fire Fighting equipment.
  • Premise security
  • Other (Transport & logistics, Electrical, Plumbing)